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REQUEST: Lewiston City Hall Tower Clock Face Lighting

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  2. Request for Lighting of City Hall Tower Clock Faces
  3. History & Request Process

    Lewiston’s City Hall tower was first lit on October 22, 2013.  The lighting was the culmination of a “Lighting Lewiston’s Tower” fundraising campaign led by former Mayor Laurent F. Gilbert, Sr, upon approval by the Lewiston City Council in 2012. Numerous community individuals and entities came on board to make the lighting a reality. 

    The City of Lewiston periodically receives requests to light the tower’s clock faces in a certain color for a specific recognition/designated length of time.

    Approval for requests will be reviewed by Administration, and the person or entity making the request will be contacted when a decision has been made.

    Requests must be in compliance with the Lewiston City Hall Clock Face & Tower Lighting Policy.

  4. Disclaimer

    DISCLAIMER:  The City of Lewiston will make every effort to grant approved clock face lighting requests but makes no guarantee in light of unforeseen staff, technological or other unexpected occurrences.

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