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Park Naming Contest Submission Form

  1. Park Naming Contest Submission Form

    Contest Deadline for Submission: December 16, 2021.

  2. Hudson Park Area - Seeking Permanent Name
  3. What Does This Contest Entail?

    The Lewiston Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) is requesting submissions regarding the naming of a newly established municipal athletic park on Bartlett Street in Lewiston. It is currently "identified" as Hudson land due to the former presence of Hudson Bus Lines on site.

    Park naming selection will occur through a contest format. LYAC hopes that the contest will encourage community engagement and enthusiasm regarding this new Lewiston offering, bringing renewed life and name representation to this area.

  4. How Will A Contest "Winner" Be Selected?

    LYAC members will review submissions with municipal staff to select a "winner." Should LYAC have up to 3 "stand-out" proposals, follow-up interviews (on a weekday) will be held to learn more about each proposal. 

    Should that occur, what time of day would you be available for an interview?  Please check below.  Please note that the schedule has to accommodate LYAC students being in school until late afternoon each day.


    The LYAC and the City of Lewiston reserve the right to refuse any and all submissions.  In addition, all submissions and encompassing creativity--once submitted--become the property of the LYAC and the City of Lewiston for use as they deem appropriate.

    The final name selected is subject to Lewiston City Council approval and must be in compliance with City and School policies related to such opportunities.  

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