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Litter Pickup in Lewiston - Thank You for Providing Assistance!

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  2. Litter Pickup - Individual or Group

    Thank you for committing to pick up litter in Lewiston - what a great way to beautify the City of Lewiston!  Lewiston Public Works will provide latex and/or vinyl gloves, trash pickers, 5-gallon buckets, and trash liners.

    • After completing the form, please call Al Patenaude or Megan Bates at Lewiston Public Works at 207-513-3003 Monday – Friday between 9 AM – 2 PM. 
    • Please provide three business days advance notice. The three business days provide time for request review AND time to gather materials and to communicate safety and litter pickup information, where to leave filled litter bags, and how to handle unsafe items such as needles or questionable bottles.
    • Public Works will discuss area of pickup with the individual or group point of contact making the pickup request.
  4. This Form Must be Completed by EACH Individual Participating.
  5. Participation Status
  6. Minor/Adult Status
  7. Safety Guidelines (Check to Agree)

    I agree to follow the COVID19 guidelines set forth for this litter pickup activity. Should I be diagnosed with COVID19 within 14 days of this activity, I will immediately notify the City of Lewiston by phone: (207) 513-3000, X3450 or by email:, as well as notify my group point of contact if I participated as part of a group.

    I affirm that I have the health, physical ability, and necessary skills required to participate in this litter pick up. I have no knowledge of any condition which could endanger me or other participants. I agree to assume all risks involved in participation in this activity, including those that are not foreseeable.

    As a City of Lewiston volunteer, I hereby give full right and permission to the City of Lewiston only to take, record, use, and publish any photo, video of or including my participation without restriction and use my likeness and voice in any photography, video, or film, to include others granted permission by the City of Lewiston to use my likeness in any photography, video, or film and release. I understand that I will not be compensated for any described usage above and my likeness may be used with or without my name stated.

    I hereby release and discharge the City of Lewiston, Maine, its agents, employees, officers, successors and assigns from all claims, demands, actions, judgments and executions which the undersigned ever had, or now has, or may have, for all personal injuries, known or unknown, and injuries to property, real or personal, caused by or arising out of the above-described activity which may result from causes beyond the control of, and without the fault or negligence of the City of Lewiston, their agents, employees, officers, successors and assigns.
  12. PLEASE NOTE: Parent or Guardian Must Use His/Her Name if Participant is Under 18.

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