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IDEA SURVEY: Community Conversations

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  2. IDEA SURVEY: "Community Conversations"
  3. Thoughts from the Lewiston Area Public Health Committee

    The Lewiston Area Public Health Committee (LAPHC) has been discussing what our community has experienced since 2020 in regards to the COVID19 pandemic.

    In addition to effectively rallying together to reduce the risks of getting COVID19, we have lost loved ones, people have been in isolation, precautionary methods have become the norm, fear has been prevalent, and there are ongoing ripple effects.

    As such, the Committee would like to know if Lewiston area residents would be interested in some format of community conversations to reconnect, share from the heart, gain strength in numbers, and hopefully look forward with less fear.

    Please share your thoughts below.

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  5. Topics to think about might include:  folks feeling overwhelmed; those in isolation; varying mandate perspectives, mental health; information vs. mis-information; career impacts; child care; health care; school system; etc.

  6. If Survey Response is Favorable About This Idea, Would You Be Interested in Helping with Planning? If So, Please Put Your Contact Info Below.
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