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Report a Concern Form

  1. PLEASE NOTE: This form should only be used for a non-emergency concern. Its contents will be viewed by staff during regular daytime business hours M-F (8:30 - 4:00 p.m.) and will not be viewed on weekends.

    DO NOT use this form if you are witnessing or experiencing an emergency, criminal activity, or a personal safety matter. CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY!

    CALL 911 for "after business hours" emergency conditions regarding City water, sewerage, or dangerous road conditions.

    If you need to contact a Lewiston police officer for a non-emergency concern, please call (207) 784-6421.

    FORM SUBMISSION: After completing & submitting the below form, you should receive a response within one (1) business day. A "Report a Concern" is considered to be a public record and subject to review by members of the public and news media.

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