Management Information Services

Responsibilities & Services

The Management Information Services (MIS) Department administers the City of Lewiston's technology needs, network services, telecommunications delivery support, and end-user computer system support to facilitate the city's mission of public service. Supporting the technology needs of over 350 city employees throughout 17 facilities, the department more specifically provides:

  • Backup procedures and recovery planning
  • Contracted and noncontracted acquisition of computer hardware and software
  • GIS mapping support
  • Integration, standardization, licensing, compliance, and support of all computerized information systems
  • Network and electronic mail security and management
  • Planning, coordination, and implementation of the city website
  • Planning, developing, and monitoring of information systems
  • Support to the broadcasting of City Council meetings and other events through Great Falls Television
  • Support to the VoIP telephone system and mobile phone technology
  • Technology education / training

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