Food Truck Frenzy


What is Food Truck Frenzy?
Looking for a place to grab a quick bite in Lewiston?  In addition to our delicious, diverse restaurants, we also have a hotspot for food trucks located under the Hopeful sign at Main and Mill Streets. Lunch/dinner may be purchased Monday - Saturday from 11:00 AM - 2:30 PM and free adjacent parking is available.  

Have a Food Truck and Want to Be Part of Food Truck Frenzy?
The State of Maine estimates that nearly 30,000 vehicles pass by the Food Truck Frenzy Main Street location on a daily basis. The location is very prevalent, with activity abound and seen enroute to a major hospital, municipal government, businesses, and other organizations.  If you have a food truck and would like to participate, please note that both a current State of Maine mobile unit license and a current City of Lewiston mobile unit license are required to participate in Food Truck Frenzy. 

Do you hold a current State of Maine mobile unit license?
If you have questions or would like to pursue a State of Maine license, please contact the Maine Health Inspection Program at (207) 287-5671.

Do you hold a current Lewiston mobile unit license?
If you have questions or want to pursue obtaining a City of Lewiston license, you may reach out to one of the following:
Kelly Brooks, Deputy City Clerk, at (207) 513-3124 
or Louie Lachance, CEO/Sanitarian, at (207) 513-3125.

If you already have a current State of Maine and City of Lewiston license and want to get your food truck to this hot spot:  
You may reach out to to indicate your desire to participate. We look forward to hearing from you!

You'll love the location!