Lewiston Senior Advisory Council

The Lewiston Senior Advisory Council (LSAC), established by the Lewiston City Council on June 7, 2022, shall serve as an advisory council to the Lewiston City Council in regard to community issues affecting senior citizens and shall serve as a liaison between the senior citizens of the community and the City. The LSAC shall enable seniors to send and receive recommendations from the City Council for consideration, to work toward goals that empower all of the community’s senior population, and to undertake service projects that enhance the community.  


Members of the Lewiston Senior Advisory Council
Donna Gallant: Chair
Julie Colangelo: Vice Chair
Linda Copas
Edward Barrett
Marcia Baxter
Roger Fuller
Michael Martel
Michel Lajoie
Susan Charle
Rick LaChapelle: City Council Representative 
Nicole Welch: Recreation Director/Staff Representative - (207) 513-3005

May 4, 2023, Twin City Times Article

Senior Advisory Council - 5-4-23 Twin City Times Article