Mayoral Ad Hoc Committee on Reducing Poverty

Press Release & Mayoral Order Establishing the Ad Hoc Committee

“Everyone in this community, whether a CEO making six figures or a family barely getting by,  brings  value  to  our  community,  and  we  are  seeking  a collaborative  effort  to  reduce  poverty. Building a community that allows every member to thrive is what improves our well-being,” notes Mayor Mark Cayer

Meetings are held in Callahan Hall, Lewiston Public Library.

First Meeting was held:  May 26, 2021 - 6:00 pm

Purpose of the Committee:

  • Continue the work of the Lewiston Public Schools Sub-committee on Poverty;
  • Develop and nurture partnerships with other agencies and organizations, including non-profit agencies with knowledge or experience in addressing poverty;
  • Enhance the community’s ability to address key issues relating to poverty;
  • Develop  recommendations  to  the  City  Council  and  School  Committee  designed  to  maintain  a  common  purpose,  alignment of  interest,  and  coordination  of  efforts  between  the City, Schools, and community partners as the issues of poverty are addressed; 
  • Make  recommendations  to  City  and  School  elected  officials  and  staff  on  policies,  practices,  and  procedural  changes  that will  ensure  measurable  reductions  in  poverty  in  Lewiston.The City and Lewiston Public Schools will work shoulder to shoulder to find common goals amidst


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Other Files:

Lewiston Schools Poverty Subcommittee Report & Recommendations