Administration - (207) 513-3121

Executive Department

Responsibilities & Services

The City Administrator and Deputy City Administrator oversee the operations of Lewiston’s municipal government and carry out policy decisions of the Mayor and City Council. Please view the City Administrator's Welcome Letter which provides an overview of the City's mission, progress, and goals.

Whistleblower Protection & Reporting Policy - Report a Concern

Department Members

 In addition to the Mayor and City Council, the Executive Department is comprised of the following individuals:

City Administrator
Edward A. Barrett
Phone: 207-513-3121, ext. 3200
Deputy City Administrator
Denis D'Auteuil
Phone: 207-513-3121, ext. 3201
Executive Assistant
Janet D. Labbe
 Phone: 207-513-3121
Community Relations Coordinator
Dottie Perham-Whittier
 Phone: 207-513-3018