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Cool Things - Filming Day #1
Throughout the afternoon of October 21, 2011, the following LYAC members participated in day one of filming "cool happenings on Lisbon Street" . . . and what great sites they saw.  Numerous folks that they interviewed talked about the revitalization of Lisbon Street, the energy there, and bringing new life to Lisbon Street.

Visiting Paul's Clothing!Visiting Forage!

 Forage - Good food!                                                     Paul's Clothing
Talking with Josh Shea at LA MagazineViewing Art at Captive Elements

 LA Magazine                                                                 Captive Elements Art

Visiting Baraka StoreVisiting LA Arts!

         Baraka Store                                                                  LA Arts

Visiting The Vault Wine Shop!Niky's Greek Restaurant

 The Vault                                                                        Niky's Greek Restaurant
Chill Yoga CenterVisiting Kaplan University

  Chill Yoga                                                                       Kaplan University

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