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Parks, Cemeteries, Athletic Fields, Open Space Maintenance Services
Parks, Cemeteries, Athletic Fields, and Open Space Maintenance Services
Michael Bernier
Parks/Athletic Fields Manager

103 Adams Ave.
Lewiston, ME  04240

Ph: (207) 513-3003
TTY: (207) 513-3007
Fax: (207) 784-5647

Monday - Friday
7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

A field crew of eight full-time workers and nine summer help perform the services under Parks, Cemeteries, Athletic Fields, and Open Spaces.  This team provides the following services.

Office Runner and More – 

  • Distributes mail between various City Departments
  • Picks-up and delivers mail from post office
  • Responds to road kill calls
  • Picks up weekly waste on Bradbury Rd.
  • Removes trash from waste containers placed throughout the downtown area, Lisbon St., Lincoln St.
  • Removes trash from the Public Works facility.

Grounds /Field Maintenance -
The grounds/field maintenance crew consist of five workers and eight summer help employees. The turf maintenance consists of mowing, trimming, fertilizing, seeding, core-aeration, sod installation, material application, irrigation and grooming.  Game preparation includes  appropriate lining and marking for practice and game time events, as well as installation and tear down of equipment.

This team prepares and maintains fields for athletic events for the High School teams and the Middle School teams and several Men and Coed Softball teams. Also included are Recreation Leagues and the FLY football league. Fields that are lined or prepared for events are: *indicates playground equipment

        Lewiston Athletic Park (LAP) - 65 Central Ave, behind the Lewiston Memorial 
        Armory - baseball, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey and football.
        Franklin: all facilities are at 156 East Ave., next to Lewiston High School - field 
        track, main field, soccer practice field, baseball field, softball field, 
        tennis courts, maintenance building, two snack shacks, and track building.
        Franklin Tennis Courts
        Franklin Track
        Franklin Football
        Franklin Baseball
        Franklin Lacrosse
        Franklin Soccer
        Franklin Practice field
        Franklin Field hockey
        Upper Franklin Softball
        Marcotte Practice field
Montello Athletic Field - 490 East Ave. (behind Montello Elementary)
        Randall Rd. Softball Complex* - Randall Rd. Three softball fields (converted
        in the fall to soccer fields), two swing sets and sand boxes.

Parks Maintenance
Maintenance on these sites includes all playground equipment and other equipment on each site. *indicates playground equipment

        Kennedy Park* - 120 Park St. - skateboard park, in-ground pool, benches, two swing sets, slide, climbers, splash pad, two basketball courts, gazebo.
        Simard-Payne Park (formerly known as Railroad Park) - 46 Beech St. - multi-purpose playing field, walk path, benches, lighting, and ampitheatre.
        Leeds Park - 236 Pine St. - bench and flag pole.
        Sunnyside Park* - 132 Winter St., at the very end of Whipple St. (off of Main St.) - two basketball courts, one swing set, bench, and multi-purpose field. 
        Dufresne Plaza (formerly known as Court House Plaza) 
- water fountain, benches, and landscape.
        Marcotte Park* - Jefferson St. - multi-purpose field, two swing sets, monkey bars, balance equipment, benches, support building. 
        Couture Park 
- corner of Locust St. and Lincoln St.
        Lionel Potvin Park* - 1 Cedar St. (across from the Franco American
        Heritage Center) - swing set, basketball courts, complex slide equipment and sand area, benches, support building. 
        Raymond Park (formerly known as Gateway Park)
- 49 Main St. - water fountain, seating, small walk path, and green space. 
        Veterans Memorial Park 
- 2 Main St. - paved walking path, memorial stones, Gold Star, and benches (dedicated to Veterans).
        Knox Street Park* - 69 Knox St. - benches and several pieces of playground equipment.
        George Ricker Park - corner of Bartlett St. and East Ave. - gazebo, green 
        space, and landscape. 
        Mayer Park 
- 526 College St. - benches, flag pole, and landscape area.
        Child's Park - 90 Lincoln St. - benches and green space.
        Paradis Park* (formerly Pierce St.) - 180 Pierce St. - various equipment for ages 3-12 years old.
        Boat Launch - 509 Lincoln St. - picnic area, boat launch (walk in only), picnic tables, and benches.
        Basketball Courts at Riverview Valley Apt. Complex - Tall Pines Dr. 
        Plus about two dozen or more green spaces to be mowed

Cemetery Maintenance
        Herrick Cemetery, 934 Main St. 
        Wrights Cemetery, 41 No Name Pond Rd. 
        Grand Army Cemetery, 67 Riverside St. 
        Davis Cemetery, 160 Sabattus St. 
        Goddard Cemetery, 223 River Rd. 
        Quaker Cemetery, 324 River Rd. 
        Randall Rd. Cemetery

Irrigation, Water Recreation and Fountain Maintenance
This team provides maintenance services  to Kennedy Park Pool and Splash Pad, DuFresne Plaza and Raymond Park Fountains including power washing, maintenance of chemical levels, winterization, paint, grout, seal and maintain concrete areas, fix and repair all fittings and leaks, and fence maintenance.

Roadside Mowing (see also Good Housekeeping under Stormwater)
This service begins in early to mid-June. This consists of one operator on a roadside mower.  The Operator will mow throughout the City to trim down tall grass causing visibility problems for drivers and pedestrians. This mowing also helps maintain the integrity of the pavement by slow growth and root expansion. The unit is also equipped with a brush cutting head that will trim brush and small trees from the roadside, this will be done in the fall months.

Sidewalk Vacuum
This service consists of two summer employees operating two sidewalk vacuums. These units will operate between June and October to pick up litter on city sidewalks.

Workfare Supervisor
This service is responsible for the majority of litter pick-up throughout the City.  It is supervised by one permanent staff. The services they perform includes but not limited to the following: litter patrol, street posting, sweeping sidewalks and around public buildings, shoveling snow, washing windows and washing vehicles.

Flag Maintenance The following flags are maintained: 
        Kennedy Park, 5x8 U.S. Flag 
        Lincoln Circle, 4x6 US. Flag 
        Longley Bridge, 4x6 U.S Flag and a 4x6 State Flag 
        Veterans Bridge, 3x5 U.S. Flag and 3x5 POW Flag 
        Davis Cemetery, 3x5 U.S. Flag 
        GAR Cemetery, 4x6 U.S. Flag 
        Herrick Cemetery, 3x5 U.S. Flag 
        Leeds Park, 4x6 US. Flag 
        Mayher Park, 4x6 US. Flag 
        Hulett Square, 4x6 US. Flag 
        Lewiston Public Works, 3x5 U.S. Flag

Holiday decorating
Come November this crew begins decorating  trees along Lisbon St. and Main St. including 9,250 bulbs.  They also decorate the Christmas tree with 500- 700 bulbs. Come January, the chore of taking them down begins and is conducted as time allows during Winter Operations.

Winter Operations
This team, as well as the three other teams within the Highway Division, participates  in all aspects of Winter Operations. This includes Sidewalk Plowing, Snow Plowing, Sanding, Snow Removal, and filling Sand boxes.

Sidewalk Sweeping
All the sidewalks in the downtown area are swept of all winter sand.  This service is provided in the Spring. The area covered is from Webster St. to River St., inside the boundaries of Main St., Sabattus St., East Ave., and Lisbon St.  

27 Pine Street
Lewiston, ME 04240
Ph: (207) 513-3000
TTY/TDD: (207) 513-3007
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