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Batting Cages
Batting Cages open February 23

The Indoor Batting Cages Program is designed as a seasonal, indoor sports program for youth or adults. Youth will have the opportunity to practice and learn softball, baseball, tennis, and lacrosse. The program will stress a number of values such as sportsmanship, skills, teamwork, fair play, enjoyment of sport, and other similar sports-related ideals.

The Program Principles 
  • Offer a balance between indoor and outdoor access for activities
  • Offer individual and group opportunities for play
  • Promote affordability and sustainability for the Youth to Play programs
  • Provide a safe and enjoyable environment to play
  • Provide carry-over value, where youth continue on their own, such as a lifetime sport or activity
  • Provide expanded program opportunities for youth of all ages
  • Provide for various levels of skills and abilities on a noncompetitive and competitive level
  • Provide opportunities to challenge the participants’ skills

Contact Us
Cost is $35/hour with Pitching Machine or $25/hour without machine

To schedule your time in the Indoor Batting Cages, please contact the 
Recreation Division at (207) 513-3005 ext. 3702.

27 Pine Street
Lewiston, ME 04240
Ph: (207) 513-3000
TTY/TDD: (207) 513-3007
Contact Us