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Planning & Code Enforcement Information
Planning Information

Development Review
Planning Board and Staff Review Committee

Planning Related Documents & Reports
The following is a collection of studies, reports, and plans adopted by the City. Some PDF’s are large, so be patient.
Twin Cities Riverfront Concept Plan Historic Preservation Design Manual
Downtown Master Plan Riverfront Master Plan 2012  
No Name Pond Watershed Management Plan / Watershed Action Plan  
Downtown Housing Study Peoples Downtown Master Plan
Bridging the Gaps - Long Range Fac. Plan Downtown Action Plan
Downtown Lewiston Parking Study Lewiston Downtown Building Use Survey
Cultural Plan Lewiston Riverside Greenway Feasiblity Study
Connecting the Future - Transportation Downtown Urban Center - Master Plan
Parks Recreation Comp Plan - Intro Section Proposal for the Redevelopment of the Bates Mill
Lewiston Downtown Development District Downtown Lewiston Traffic Study
Comprehensive Plan 1997 - Part 1 Lewiston Auburn Downtown CBD Traffic Study
Comprehensive Plan 1997 - Part 2 DNTF Final Report
Lewiston Auburn Comprehensive Transportation Plan Strategic Plan 2010 Part 1
Historic Preservation Design Manual Strategic Plan Part 2010 2
Downstreet Redevelopment Book 1979 New Life For Downtown Lewiston 1978
Kennedy Park Master Plan (Jan 31, 2006) Compensation Fee Utilization Plan - Hart Brook
Andro. Greenway Health Impact Assessment-2012 Harvard Community Development Project-2014
Androscoggin River Greenway Plan-2013 Franklin Pasture Master Plan – 1994
Downtown Streetscape Enhancement Study 2014 Main Street Bike Ped Connection Plan to Simard Payne Park 2017

Zoning Information

Note: The Zoning and Land Use Code is contained in Appendix A of the Lewiston Code of Ordinances

Code Enforcement Information

Building Code Requirements
Maine Law requires municipalities of 4,000 or more in population to enforce the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code (MUBEC) pursuant to Title10, chapter 1103 and Title 25, chapters 313 and 314 of the Maine Statutes and 16-642 CMR chapters 1-6 of the Maine Department of Public Safety rules. In keeping with Maine Law the City of Lewiston has enforced MUBEC since September 28, 2011.


Other Code Enforcement Information

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