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    In the spirit of community, the Lewiston Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) is planning an event to highlight the various origins, cultures, and ethnicities in Lewiston - the people who call Lewiston home.   

    The gathering will include traditions, practices, music, activities, food, attire, and the arts.

    As such, LYAC is seeking Lewiston residents who would like to host an informational table at this event - tentatively shooting for an early spring date.

    LYAC hopes this will be a fun, educational gathering!

  2. Please Check Here If You'd Like to Have an Informational Table at this Gathering to Represent Your Origin, Culture, or Ethnicity.
  3. Red carpet - LYAC
  4. THE EVENT WILL OFFER A RED CARPET MOMENT! What Would You Like to Do? (Not Mandatory)
  5. The youth council will have full discretion as to which submissions are selected for participant tables. 

    They will consider which table descriptions best represent the event theme and to ensure a balanced cross-section of origin, culture, and ethnicity presented via informational tables.

    After review of all submissions, LYAC will email all those who have indicated an interest.

  6. FMI About the Youth Council, Please Visit - (207) 513-3018
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