What is GIS?
The Geographic Information System, or GIS is a geographically aware array of hardware, software, and data that has captured spatially referenced information pertaining to our city operations. It is used to manage, visualize, analyze, and reveal patterns and relationships on all forms of spatially aware data.

In the City of Lewiston our GIS serves an important role as the infrastructure inventory, modeling, and management system for drinking water, storm, and sewer systems. Other essential data such as, but not limited to, parcels, zoning, and aerial imagery are captured and managed utilizing GIS. Click Here to return to the GIS Portal page.

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1. What is GIS?
2. What is an Interactive Map?
3. What is a PDF Map?
4. How do I obtain property information?
5. How can I view or download a tax map?
6. I need to view zoning for a parcel, where do I go?
7. Can I get a copy of the Tax Card from the GIS?
8. Can I get a printed hardcopy of a Map?
9. Can I obtain GIS or CAD data?