What type of building needs to be registered?

Any building that is defined by Lewiston City Code of Ordinances Sec. 18-201.  Multi-Family Building: A detached building in common ownership interest containing three (3) or more dwelling units designed for residential use and occupancy by three (3) or more families living independently of one another, including mixed use buildings, that is not a single-family dwelling, excluding Boarding and Lodging Houses or such other buildings that are separately licensed by the City or the State of Maine. Online version can be found here: Chapter-18 (lewistonmaine.gov)

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1. What type of building needs to be registered?
2. When do Multi-family buildings need to be registered?
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4. Where do I find my buildings parcel ID #?
5. I have 2 buildings on one parcel, does each building need to be separately registered?
6. Is there a fee associated with registering my multi-family building?
7. Are there any grants available to me to help fix my property?