Mayor Mark A. Cayer

Mark A. Cayer
Mayor of Lewiston
(207) 513-3121

Mayoral Ad Hoc Committee on Equity & Diversity
Library Board of Trustees
Serves as the Vice Chair of Western Maine Transportation Services, Which Provides Regional Transportation Services for Our Community
Appointed as Ward 6 Member of the Lewiston School Committee (2018-2019); Served as Committee Chair
Served as Ward 6 Lewiston City Councilor for Three Terms (2008 - 2014)
Served as Council President (2010 - 2014) During City Council Tenure
Served on Board of Directors - Auburn Lewiston Airport
Served on Lewiston Auburn 911 Committee
Served on Lewiston Finance Committee
Served on Lewiston Auburn Transit Committee
Served on Lewiston Auburn Railroad Board

Mark was born and raised in Lewiston and cares deeply for his native city.  With Lewiston's historic workforce reshaping itself, abundant available mill space, and our historic riverfront, Mark strongly believes that our growing local economy will once again be a part of day-to-day life locally.  With our already strong local businesses, Lewiston is becoming a destination for business relocations and entrepreneur start-ups.  With our committed Economic Development Department and the largest regional Chamber of Commerce in the State of Maine, business start-ups and business relocations provide needed support for a thriving community.  Lewiston will and is offering a perfect development opportunity for investors.  As Mayor of Lewiston, Mark welcomes you to be a part of our ongoing change and growth.