Winter Parking Ban


During December to April when there is inclement weather, the City of Lewiston's Public Works Department (PW) works tirelessly to keep all of Lewiston's streets open and able to be traveled. In order for PW to do their job, motorists must move their vehicle out of the streets before a storm hits so PW can plow the roads more effectively and efficiently. Vehicle owners who do not move their vehicle during a winter parking ban will be fined and incur towing expenses.

How do I know when to move my car out of the street?

In Maine, it could be sunny, but an impending storm may be on the horizon. So, how do you know when to move your car out of the street so PW can plow more efficiently? The City of Lewiston issues a Winter Parking Ban for each plowable storm.

But, how do I know when the City issues a Winter Parking Ban? 

There are several convenient ways to know when the City of Lewiston issues a Winter Parking Ban:

  • Receive an email, text or both. On the City of Lewiston's website, sign up for Alert Center to receive Emergency Alert notifications. Go to Notify Me. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: Once you've subscribed to Alert Center, you will receive an email with instructions as to how to activate your notification sign-up.
  • Visit the City of Lewiston's website where an emergency banner will be visible on the home page if there is a Winter Parking Ban.
  • Connect with the City's Facebook page Official City of Lewiston, Maine.
  • Listen to local radio, like WIGY (1240 AM and 103.1 FM), local television broadcasts and/or local print outlets.
  • View electronic message boards within the City of Lewiston; several will have Winter Parking Ban info.
  • After it turns dark outside, watch for flashing lights at the top of City Hall's tower, 27 Pine Street, which means there is a Winter Parking Ban in effect.

Where can I park when the City declares a Winter Parking Ban?

Parking pre-planning is encouraged for winter storms.  There are six municipal parking garages throughout the city. Click the PARKING OPTIONS below to learn location and more.

Parking Options

Parking Options (Various Translations)


My vehicle is missing. Now what?

Please sign up for a Notify Me/Emergency Alert notification on the City of Lewiston's website to know when a Winter Parking Ban takes effect. 

If you think your vehicle has been towed due to violating the Winter Parking Ban, please know your license plate number and the street where your vehicle was and then call the Lewiston/Auburn Emergency Communications System (LACS) at 207-784-6421 to confirm that your vehicle has been towed.

Retrieving your vehicle

Vehicles left on city streets during a Winter Parking Ban will be towed at the owner's expense.

Please note:

  • If you have an outstanding parking ticket(s), those unpaid tickets must be paid in full before your towed vehicle is released.
  • No checks will be accepted. Vehicle owners will incur an additional transaction fee to use credit cards.
  • Cash is preferred payment.
  • Emergency parking ban ticket fee: $32
  • Do you think you have an outstanding parking ticket(s)? Call the Lewiston Police Department at 207-513-3131 weekdays from 8 AM to 4 PM.

Pay for your Emergency Parking Ban ticket and any outstanding parking ticket at the Lewiston Police Department (LPD), 171 Park Street, Lewiston, Maine. Please know your license plate number and the name of the street where your car was when you arrive at LPD. LPD will inform you which private towing company has your vehicle. 

Please note:

  • Please be prepared to pay for the towing company's fees at their location.
  • Cash preferred. No checks. Vehicle owners will incur an additional transaction fee to use credit cards.
  • Towing Company Fee $150 (Additional charge if towing company has excessive snow to remove.)
  • Towing Company Storage Fee after 24-Hours: from $50 to $90
  • Towing Company may have an after regular business hour fee.

 Other Parking Restrictions

  • Although a winter-long overnight parking ban does not exist as in years past, there are still some streets within the City of Lewiston that do have parking restrictions in effect 24 hours a day from December 1st through March 30th.
  • Occasionally, streets will be posted for snow removal. Notification is typically posted in a snowbank, and parking is prohibited in the marked area. Parking restrictions for snow removal will be posted at various times; typical times are midnight to 6 a.m. OR 6 PM to 6 AM.
  • The City of Lewiston also has other posted parking restrictions to include "No Parking" zones, "Loading" zones, etc.

Information on Sidewalk Plowing