City Hall History

City offices for the growing City of Lewiston were first established in a building called "Central Block" which was constructed in 1857 and located on the corner of Lisbon Street and Main Street. A fire at that location in 1870 (photo to the right)caused the offices to have to relocate, and prompted the construction of the first official City Hall at Pine and Park Streets.

Construction of the original Lewiston City Hall began in July 1871, and it was dedicated in December 1872. It was built at cost of $200,000 at time when bricks were selling for 1 cent each. The plans were drawn up by a Mr. Meacham of Boston. It was made of brick with granite trim in a Gothic style with a mansard roof. It had an "L" shaped wing, and was 165 feet on Park St., 180 feet on Pine St. and 40 feet on Lisbon St and was 200' at its highest point. 


Lewiston City Hall

1872 - 1890


The original City Hall had 80 rooms with the police department and prison in the basement and the library and post office on the first floor among other rooms. The main meeting hall could hold 2,272 people.

On January 7, 1890 this original City Hall was hosting a Poultry Show and at app. 5:30 p.m. a fire started behind an elevator wall, and for the next 12 hours it burned out of control. Firefighters were stymied by the intensity of the blaze, as well as the buildings height and the instability of the tower as it burned.

The building was a total loss. Thousands of difficult to replace Library books were lost, but were insured in the amount of $6,000. The actual building itself was uninsured.

A new albeit somewhat smaller City Hall was soon constructed at a cost of $180,298.40 (including demolition of the remains of the original City Hall.

The corner-stone was laid October 1, 1890. The building was dedicated May 19, 1892, by the G. A. R.

The interior of large hall is 167 x 86 feet and 37 feet high. The floor had a seating capacity of 1800 and the galleries 672.

The building is 160 feet on Park street and 90 feet on Pine. The height from sidewalk to cornice, 60 feet. The height of spire 185 feet. The vane is 17 feet long.

The interior has undergone many renovations over time, and this building still presently serves as the Lewiston City Hall.

This present City Hall was added to the National Historic Register in 1976.


Lewiston City Hall