Animal Control & Dog Licensing Information

Animal Control Officer

To contact Animal Control Officer Wendell Strout, please contact the Lewiston Police Department at 207-513-3111. This phone number should be used for questions and general information. If a Lewiston resident has a complaint to report, such as a barking dog, or to report an injured animal, please call the Lewiston Police Department dispatcher at 207-513-3139, ext. 3324. The animal control officer handles a variety of animal-related issues such as dog licensing enforcement; taking stray dogs to the animal shelter; following up on citizen complaints regarding barking dogs, lost dogs, or cases of animal abuse or neglect; responding to calls about injured animals due to an auto accident or other type of accident; overseeing enforcement of the city's Animal Ordinance; educating citizens regarding rabies prevention; and other related issues.


You can also help those who are working to stop animal cruelty by supporting your local animal rescue organization or shelter. You can donate money and supplies, or, better yet, your time. Volunteer at a local humane society, foster a shelter animal, or adopt a companion animal. Promoting and practicing responsible pet ownership is another way to stop many abuses from starting.

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