Solid Waste Division

Responsibilities & Services   

The Solid Waste Division provides for the collection and management of residential solid waste and recyclable waste material for the City of Lewiston.

Residential Waste Collection

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Things to Remember About Trash Pick-up

Trash & Single Stream Recycle Collection - With the exception of holidays (see below) you can rely on your weekly trash collection day, however, not necessarily at the same exact time each collection day. To be safe, please follow the City Ordinance which says, “Trash & Single Stream Recyclable Waste needs to be curbside in suitable containers no sooner than 6:00 pm the day preceding the regular trash collection day and no later than 7:00 am of the regular trash collection day."

Holidays & Interruptions in Trash & Single Stream Recyclable Waste Collection -  Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day. When your regular trash collection day falls on a major holiday (noted above), your curbside residential trash collection will not be collected on the holiday. Instead, it will be collected the following day.  If your collection is on Friday, it will instead be collected on Saturday.  If the holiday lands on the weekend, there will be no interruption in the collection schedule. 

MORE ON THE SOLID WASTE DIVISION:  The Solid Waste Division provides curbside collection of residential solid waste and Single Stream Recyclable Materials on a weekly basis. This includes waste/recyclable waste collection from municipal buildings and public schools. This service is provided to approximately 14,000 dwelling units. Lewiston’s population is approximately 36,000.

The City performs this service through the use of private haulers. Contracts with these firms are awarded through an open-bid process. The term of the contract is typically 7 years.

During a typical year, 10,000+ tons of solid waste are collected from the City’s residents and is hauled to/disposed at the Mid Maine Waste Action Corp., where it is commingled with solid waste from other communities and incinerated. Incineration reduces the volume of the waste by approximately 90%. The residual ash from this process is hauled to the City’s secure landfill, in roll-off trucks, where it is disposed. In addition, 1,000+ tons of Single Stream Recyclable Material is collected from the City’s residents annually. Once collected, the Single Stream Material is hauled to Casella Recycling’s Material Recovery Facility (“MRF” - which is adjacent to the City’s solid waste facility) where the recyclable material is sorted, baled, and shipped out to end users/manufacturers.


The Solid Waste Division manages the collection of Single Stream Recyclable Waste Material from the City’s residents (via curbside collection), the public schools, and recyclable material brought to the City’s solid waste facility for disposal. Single Stream Recyclable Waste Material includes items such as - newspaper, plastic containers (numbers 1 through 7), corrugated cardboard, glass bottles and jars, office paper, mixed paper, hardcover books and cans (aluminum and steel).

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The City contracts the collection of Single Stream Recyclable Waste. Once collected, the Single Stream material is hauled to Casella Recycling’s Material Recovery Facility ("MRF") which is adjacent to the City’s solid waste facility where the recyclable material is sorted, baled, and shipped out to end users/manufacturers.

These manufacturers use the recovered recyclable material in place of virgin materials, which is beneficial for the environment. By separating these recyclable waste materials from other household waste, Lewiston’s residents help reduce the cost of solid waste (trash) disposal by making these materials-paper fiber, metal, plastic and glass-available for re-use in manufacturing.

The City’s annual average expense for waste disposal at the Mid Maine Waste Action Corp. (MMWAC) is $445,000 (FY2016). When residents separate Single Stream Recyclable waste from their household trash, they reduce the City’s expense for trash disposal because there is no disposal fee (for the City of Lewiston and its residents) for disposal of Single Stream Recyclable Waste.

Lewiston’s e-Pass Program

An ePass allows the holder to waive fees on disposal of up to 1,000 pounds of solid waste disposed at the City’s Solid Waste Facility. ePasses are issued at no cost for Lewiston residential property owners who are current on all outstanding tax payments and fees. Tenants of rental property and owners of multi-unit apartment buildings (who pay the City for trash collection services) may purchase the ePass for $20. e-Passes and Multi-unit Buildings

The ePass uses information contained on the purchaser’s driver’s license to establish a virtual account on the Solid Waste Facility’s computerized scale management system. When the purchaser of the pass (or member of that household) brings household waste to the Solid Waste Facility, they will be asked for his/her driver’s license. After dumping completion, the material disposed of will be recorded on the City’s computer system, and a receipt showing the weight of waste material disposed (and weight remaining in the ePass account) will be issued. As in the past, once the 1,000 lb. limit has been reached/exceeded, the holder will be required to pay for any overage at that time.

                     (The Facility accepts cash, checks, and credit card payments.)

Other items related to the City’s ePass program include -

  • Wastes typically brought to the Solid Waste Facility for disposal (and which are not collected during weekly curbside trash collection services) include: construction and demolition waste, waste kitchen appliances, furniture (including bedroom furniture and bedding), carpeting and yard debris. For more detailed information on wastes accepted for disposal or guidance on disposal of unusual wastes, please contact the Solid Waste Facility at 513-3006.
  • A limit of one ePass per household per year. Only members of the household can use the pass. If the purchaser of the ePass would like other members of the household to use this service, please remember to bring those individuals’ driver’s license to the Treasurer’s Office or Solid Waste Facility at the time of purchase.
  • In the event a residential property owner is unable to obtain an ePass due to hardship (i.e. they do not drive or do not have a driver’s license), he/she can authorize another individual to obtain an ePass on their behalf by completing an ePass Authorization Form. These blank forms are available at the Treasurer’s Office (City Hall), 27 Pine Street, and the Solid Waste Facility. Once completed and turned in, the form will be processed by City staff for approval. The approval process will be completed in 5 days or less, and the applicant will be notified. This service is not available to contractors or property owners having repairs performed on their homes by contractors.
  • For more information about the ePass visit our ePass page

Solid Waste Disposal

The City owns and operates its own secure landfill, which has disposal capacity in excess of 30 years, at current disposal rates. The City’s permit to operate the Solid Waste Facility and landfill is specific regarding the types of waste that can be accepted; therefore, the contents of each vehicle is inspected by the Scale House Attendant to ensure compliance. Operation and maintenance of the secure landfill includes:

  • Permitting, design, and construction of the landfill liner system.
  • Design and installation of the landfill cover system.
  • Performance of the Environmental (groundwater) Monitoring Program, tri-annually.
  • Inspection of landfill operations.
  • Inspection and maintenance of the landfill leachate collection system.
  • Interaction with regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Scaling and inspection of incoming waste.