Water & Sewer Division

Responsibilities & Services 

In 1873, the Legislature granted permission to the cities of Lewiston and Auburn to take water from Wilson Pond (later renamed Lake Auburn). It is the responsibility of this division to oversee the water and sewer infrastructure for the City of Lewiston.

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The City of Lewiston maintains the following in regard to it's water distribution:

  • 146 miles of distribution mains, sized 6-24 inches
  • 1,100 feet of 48-inch diameter intake pipe
  • A chemical feed facility that includes chlorination and fluoridation
  • An intake facility that includes a clear well, instrumentation and control systems, and chemical injection and standby power
  • Booster pump station and regular pump station
  • Transmission mains:
    • 735 feet of 24-inch ductile iron river crossing pipe
    • 3,045 feet of 36-inch cast iron pipe
    • 7,970 feet of 20-inch cast iron redundant main
    • 14,000 feet of 24-inch cast iron and ductile iron pipe
  • Two 4.3 million gallon above ground concrete water storage tanks

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