PHOTOVOICE: The View & Voice of LYAC . . . A Light in the Dark

For this initiative, the Lewiston Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) partnered with Healthy Androscoggin to advocate for mental health awareness during the COVID19 pandemic. On January 11, 2021, the 14-day (non-holiday weekdays) Photovoice Project entitled "A Light in the Dark . . . The View & Voice of LYAC" launched virtually on various social media platforms.                              

                                            January 11, 2021 WMTW-Channel 8 Coverage

January 17, 2020, Sun Journal Feature on "A Light in the Dark"

February 11, 2021 Commendation Letter from Mayor Mark Cayer


Day One - Cadence Nadeau "The Edge of the Earth"

Day Two - Brea Mathieu - "Anxiety & Music"

Day Three - Hope Rubito - "A Light in the Dark"

Day Four - Damon DeWitt - "The Ocean"

Day Five - Katie Morin - "Remi"

Day Six - Julia Paquette - "Calm & Happy Place"

Day Seven - Anonymous LYAC Member - "Messy Head"

Day Eight - Idey Abdi - "The Sky"

Day Nine - Olivia Deschenes - "Mr. Cardinal"

Day Ten - Emily Fournier - "The Swim"

Day Eleven - Ariana Vallee - "Source of Hope"

Day Twelve - Elissa Nadeau "Long Way Ahead"

Day Thirteen - Keira Potvin "My Two Dogs"

Day Fourteen - Elena Ray "Thank You"